It’s Spring! Flowers are starting to bloom, grass is starting to grow, the sky becomes a little more blue, and the world is full of bright and fun colors! What better time to liven up your apartment? This Spring embrace your inner artist and create some cute decorations to hang around your apartment! These are so easy that even those with no artistic bone in their body can do them! Below are 5 DIY Spring Crafts for you to enjoy:

1.Spring Coloring Sheet

If you are on a budget, or just cannot squeeze in a time consuming craft, don’t worry about it! Pull out your 64 pack of crayons (admittedly, the best pack of crayons), print out the worksheet, and let your inner Picasso ‘spring’ out! Coloring is also a super helpful de-stressing activity too! When you are done, hang up your masterpiece!

What you will need:

Crayons/ Paints

Coloring Page

2. Window Clings!

Window clings are a blast from the past for some people. There is something magical about the way the sun shines through the window and your artwork glows in the rays. Luckily, this fun form of art does not have to live in the past! If your local store does not sell them, Amazon has a ton of fun window cling kits that will totally make for a fun afternoon craft! Grab some puffy paint, make them your own, let them dry, and voila! You now have a colorful, long lasting decoration that will liven up your apartment!

What you will need:

Window Clings

Puffy Paint

3. Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers can be used to decorate for any occasion! Baby showers, wedding showers, Halloween, and more!  There is an array of different flowers you can make and luckily, YouTube has hundreds of tutorials! While this is one of the more time consuming crafts, it is definitely a fun one and you can even make a crafting afternoon out of it with your friends! Afterwards, grab a vase and put your creations in there! Not only will you have a cute decoration, but the awesome memories behind it. Plus, on the bright side, these flowers will never die!

What you will need:

Tissue paper





4. Paint Your Own Flower Pot

“April showers bring May flowers.” Spring is all about the flowers. The weather is getting warmer and the plants are starting to bloom. Spring is the perfect season to get started on your planting. If you are planning on growing a plant this Spring, add a little bit more fun into it! Get crafty and paint your own flower pot. Decorate it however you want and make it your own! This will make raising your plant a little bit more special!

What you will need:

Flower pot


Paint brush

Stickers (optional)

5. Create butterflies out of pipe cleaners!

Butterflies are one of the biggest symbols of Springtime!  Create your own to put around the house by making beautiful butterflies out of pipe cleaners! This is a fun craft to do with kids or friends! Check out this article by Fave Crafts on how to make your own butterflies!

What you will need:

Pipe cleaners


Large beads and buttons

Spring is the perfect time to refresh and relax! Unwind from the busy week and enjoy crafting! You never know–you may love it so much, it may become your new hobby!

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